Strawberry Sugar Scrub

Strawberry Sugar Scrub

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This sweet strawberry sugar scrub is a perfectly blended combination of wonderful ingredients meant to wipe away dead skin, increase circulation, and hydrate your skin. When you consistently treat your skin with sugar scrubs it boosts your skincare routine and helps improve the way your skin looks and feels overall. 

I make my scrubs with a special blend of ingredients so they are extra creamy and perfect for all skin types. My handmade sugar scrubs are smooth and gentle while still providing amazing exfoliation and moisturizing properties you are looking for. 

This Strawberry Sugar Scrub is approximately 6oz 


- Fine sugar

- Sodium cocoyl Isethionate 

- Vegetable glycerin 

- Cocoamidopropyl betaine

- Distilled water

- Stearic acid

- Avocado oil

- Safflower oil

- Fragrance

- Mica

- Preservative