As with any topical product, always test a small area on your skin to see if any allergic reactions or breakouts occur. If you experience problems or irritations, discontinue use immediately. By purchasing our products, you accept full responsibility to check with a medical professional before using any products that may interact with any prescription drugs, or adversely affect existing or unknown allergies or medical conditions. Rum Creek Soap Company is not responsible for any adverse topical or internal reactions that are caused by the use of our products. All Rum Creek Soap products are for external use only.

 Pregnant women should consult their physician before using Rum Creek Soap products, as it is uncertain how the ingredients may affect people under these conditions. These ingredients include (but are not limited to): fragrances, essential oils, dried herbs, plant extracts and other natural botanicals, natural clays, coffee, alcohol (beer), teas, natural exfoliants, natural butters, and other natural ingredients.

 Our Bath Bombs, Lotion Bars, Salt Scrubs, and other products have a high oil concentration that may cause surfaces to become extremely slippery after use with water. To prevent unnecessary falls and accidents, make sure to dry surfaces completely after use.

 Although each batch of soap is made from a variety of our recipes, each soap bar is handmade and individually hand cut. Thus, the weight and color of each soap bar may vary slightly from what is listed on our packaging and what is displayed in our product photos. Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity may also affect the outcome of Rum Creek Soap products.

 Do not allow soap bars to sit in water. After using, place in a clean and dry area in order to prolong the life of your soap. Make sure there is airflow around the soap bar so that air circulates around it properly. A soap dish with drainage holes is ideal.

 Rum Creek Soap uses colorants and/or natural clays that may stain light colored fabrics, washcloths, or clothing. Test a small area first, or use dark colored fabrics, wash cloths, or clothing.

 Colorants, botanicals, herbs, teas, and other ingredients from Rum Creek Soap products may leave behind residual particles on bathroom surfaces. Simply wipe the excess with a wet cloth after use.

Product Claims and Evaluations:

  Actual results of any Rum Creek Soap products are not guaranteed. We do not claim that any of our products are FDA approved. Rum Creek Soap Company chooses to use natural ingredients that are listed in all product packaging and display signs. Our descriptions and product statements are based on our own research (i.e. workshops, courses, etc.). Before purchasing, if you have any concern regarding any of our ingredients, please contact us at rumcreeksoaps@gmail.com for further information or consult a medical professional or other medical resource. However, by purchasing any Rum Creek Soap products you accept full responsibility of reading and agreeing to this disclaimer and using your own discretion towards any Rum Creek Soap purchase. Rum Creek Soap Company accepts no responsibility for incorrect use of information or products.

 Rum Creek Soap Company makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. We are not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of any of our products. Use of our products is at the user's own risk.