Turquoise Candle

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Mental well-being is so important to your overall health, taking time for yourself can greatly help you maintain your health and inner peace. I handcrafted my Turquoise candle to be another tool in your tool belt. Handcrafted with fragrances and infused with powerful Turquoise this candle can totally transform your self-care routine. I strongly recommend buying this candle when you’re taking time to relax, doing yoga, reading a book, or soaking in a refreshing bath. You certainly can burn this whenever you wish, I prefer to let the fragrances take me to a different level when I practice my self-love. I let the benefits aromatherapy offers sweep me away. You should definitely give it a try. 

Some of the amazing benefits aromatherapy can offer: 

  • manage pain
  • improve sleep quality
  • reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety
  • soothe sore joints
  • treat headaches and migraines
  • alleviate side effects of chemotherapy
  • ease discomforts of childbirth
  • fight bacteria, viruses, or fungus
  • improve digestion
  • boost immunity


  • Top: Apple, Eucalyptus, Orange
  • Middle: Camphor, Pine

Size 4oz


My candles have an approximate burn time of 20-50 hours depending on how you care for your candle. Because I handmake each candle in-house the colors in our images may not be exactly what you get. Every candle is slightly different.

Tips from me:

I suggest trimming the wick to around 1/4" before each time you burn but DO NOT trim before the first burn.

Please do not ever leave a burning candle unattended.

Please burn responsibly with candles in a safe location away from children and pets. Never place any burning candle near drapes/curtains, books, clothing, or any material or substance that is flammable.

I suggest burning our candles for 2-4 hours at a time and allowing the wax to melt evenly and all the way to the edge before extinguishing. This is very important for each candle's first burn.