Fluorite Candle

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It’s time to truly enjoy and benefit from your self care routine babe! No matter what time it is day or night, be prepared to be awed by the charming scents of my Fluorite candle. Every sense in your body will be awakened. Enjoy the blissful physical and emotional boost you’ll quickly notice as this candle burns. My Fluorite candle can help you fall in love with your self care routine again! 

Fluorite is known for many benefits including:

- Easing headaches

- Relieving stress

- Promoting your emotional stability

- Boosting your self confidence

- Improving your quality of sleep

This candle is 4oz.


  • Top: Apple, Eucalyptus, Orange
  • Middle: Camphor, Pine
  • Base: Cedar leaf, Woodsy notes

All of my products are handmade including my candles. I hand-mix and hand-pour each candle. Because of the handmade nature of my products including my candles, each candle may vary slightly in appearance. 

My candles have an approximate burn time of 20-50 hours. This burn time depends greatly on the way you care for your candle. 


Tips from me:

  • Do not trim the wick before the first burn
  • Trim your wick to around 1/4” before each burn 
  • Please do not ever leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Please burn candles responsibly in a safe location away from children and pets. 
  • Never place a burning candle near drapes, curtains, books, clothing, or any material or substance which is flammable. 

I highly recommend burning my candles for 2-4 hours each time allowing the wax to melt evenly and completely to the edge before extinguishing. This is especially important for the candles initial burning.