Activated Charcoal Soap

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There are so many ways to describe activated charcoal. It’s the one ingredient I could spend days talking about. Activated charcoal is my favorite to use on my face. You can use this bar on your entire body. I often do, but then I feel like I’m telling myself I can only use one bar of soap in the shower. If you weren’t aware, I’m a glutton for luxurious ingredients for my body. If I have it available on my site, I have used it. I would not, could not, and will not, ever offer a product I have not or would not use on myself or allow my family to use. You know it’s good when I’m using it. I use my activated charcoal bar every day on my face. I recommend this powerful yet natural clean to anyone who has acne. Since I first started making soaps and moisturizers, activated charcoal has had my attention. It has so much to offer! It is the best for deep cleaning your pores and detoxifying your skin, providing what I think is a more natural and youthful glow.

The natural ingredients I have blended for my soaps are a beautiful proprietary blend. I love the way the activated charcoal pulls the dirt and oil from my face without leaving behind dry, itchy skin. I prefer to use this bar in areas of my skin that are subject to the elements the most. My face has always been an area I have struggled to keep a good balance of cleanliness and moisturization. Too much cleaning and my face would dry out, causing my skin to shed prematurely. It made me very self-conscious. I still have moments of insecurity, but I now know exactly what I’m putting on my skin. I know I will never have days where I don’t feel comfortable showing my face. No more dry spots, no more dry flaky patches, and no more hiding behind tons of makeup. That’s what this bar has done for me. Activated charcoal, aloe vera juice, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and shea butter are some ingredients I use. I blend these ingredients for deep cleaning and moisturizing. I love this bar for so many of its benefits and it’s also a fan favorite with its fresh sensation after every use.

Activated Charcoal is a powerhouse of deep cleaning. Activated charcoal can pull dirt from your pores, yet it doesn’t strip the natural oils or block our bodies from producing them as we should. What I love most about activated charcoal is the all-over cleanliness without my skin becoming dried out.

This 4oz bar will last a while if taken care of properly. I wait until the soaping process has completed, hardening my bar to perfection, then I cut it in half. I use either a Ziploc bag or a washcloth for storing the other half. This way when taking a shower or soaking in the bath the hot water isn’t melting it. How you use and care for your soap is up to you, but with my activated charcoal bar, I don’t want to waste a drop. It’s too good for my face.

All of my soaps are natural and moisturizing. I make my soaps with the finest ingredients, so they are biodegradable, paraben-free, phosphate-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free. They are made in my home and not tested on animals, so they are cruelty-free. I do not use animal fats or additives, so they are vegan and just naturally clean. The perfect non-toxic soap to add to your skincare routine.

Because I handcraft each of my soaps in small batches, what you receive in your order may be different in appearance than what I have pictured on my website. Every batch I make is a little different. The minor differences you may or may not notice can include the item being slightly different, shape, size, and/or scent intensity.

** I love my products and the benefits I see within my skin, the changes I see within my family’s skin, and the positive results we have seen by using my products. You may or may not see the same or similar effects on your skin by using my products. I do not add chemicals. Some companies add to their soaps. I do not test my products on any animals. I would not offer any product to you, your family, or my family if I did not think it was safe to use. My soaps do not cure any ailment; they do not reduce any symptoms, and I do not think my products could or would replace anything your doctor has recommended for any ailment you have had, do have, or could have.

My experiences with activated charcoal are exactly that, my experiences. I am not a medical professional and do not add my personal experience instead of seeking the opinion of a licensed medical professional. My statements are of my opinion and should not be used as medical advice. I can tell you the things I have noticed with my own eyes, but I cannot and would never go against any doctor who may say my opinion does not match scientific research. Please do not ignore any advice your doctor gives you based on what you read on my website. **